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´╗┐Leader's Impact: How Leaders Boost their Employee's Self-Confidence


You see them- performing, eloquent, achieving, influencing. They seem to have become luckier than the rest of us. More blessed with talents and charisma and all. How well they bear themselves...

They are the leaders of the pack. They head groups, they turn out to be the leaders in whatever unit of people they belong. They seem to have this strong personality of having people follow their every step. And once they get too involved in their activity, they can even put the same passion they have for people to envision the same goals that they have.

And since they are on the limelight, there is no way that we can overlook them. They shine as if theirs are the stars. They wear light in their personalities and we see them. At times, we almost wish that we were in their places.

Why not? They get all the goods. They have the power. We follow them. We see them as our bosses. They create the plans and give us the cues to start. They, simply put, lead.

And there are times that their leadership doesn't end with office works alone. They show us our personalities and as we see theirs, we learn to imitate them. They, in a way, inspire us to be the persons that we always have dreamed of. It is because they are the exact people we wanted ourselves to become, yet never dared to risk ourselves and be like them.

The leaders that we see in them, the personalities they carry, they didn't get it overnight. They have toiled for them and have worked for them almost all their lives. They're not like the dream-gifted people, they are the people who went beyond the line of complacent living and took the road of burdens instead. They are the people who have jumped off the box.

All that we can see now are the prices that they have been paying for so long. All we see now are the beauty of their achievements yet we never saw the phase when they have to crawl and strain themselves into becoming the present people they are.

Employees either love or envy their leaders. Nonetheless, they work for them and follow their lead. It might be due to lack of other options or to the intensity of impact leaders create in their employees. Whichever way, we cannot still negate the fact that they touch us in ways that we sometimes do not understand. Just the same, they influence us. And at times, our personalities are modified because we have learned to follow them and to understand their schemes.

We need them not because they are our bosses or the company supports our survival. We need them because they help us see the path to more content living.

There are no secrets in leadership. You just have to follow what the great people have done. They took risks. They have learned to sacrifice present gratification in exchange for far greater rewards that are waiting at the finish line. In doing so, they ended to have finished the rat race faster.

Their self-confidence has made them the leaders that they are. Imitate them if you wish, there is no harm in trying. Only, you have to embrace burden and learn to accept challenges and pressure as normal parts of your growth, as a person, as the man you can be and as the leader to reaps the gold and gets the gold at the end of the line.

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