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´╗┐The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Side of Apter Motivation


One of the more famous psychologist whose studies are still quoted today is Michael Apter.

He divided motivation into two aspects. The first is when people are motivated because of the promise of reward when something is accomplished. And the other is motivation because of the activities that are involve in the process.

These two kinds of motivation are called intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

1. Intrinsic.

This is the kind of motivation where activities are done with no other external factors involved. This basically means that a person likes what he is doing and is not coaxed into it just because there is a promise of a "prize" later on.

It can be noted that intrinsic motivation is the reason for the achievement done by those in their early stages of life. The activity is very much enjoyed by students.

How do you know that you are experiencing intrinsic motivation?

First, it is when you know that deep inside you, you are capable of achieving something you want for so long. It can be because you have the ability inherent in you. An example of motivating yourself is by getting into sports. Without the promise of anything, you want to get into the action to be able to practice your ability and your drive.

Second is that you want to set an example and show to others that they too can do it. Since it is the drive and the ability that is pushing a person to reach for his goal, it cannot be blamed on mere chances or good fortune why you are there. It is because you know and you can.

Lastly is when you want to become an expert in the field that you love doing. It will all depend upon your choice and the fact that you enjoy what you do. Becoming an expert in the activity is the main thing on your mind.

2. Extrinsic.

This kind of motivation can be seen clearly in the workplace. Some of the people who are involved may not be experts in the field but they remain in the group. Why? Because of the offer of high salary and rewards given them.

The rewards are not only in terms of money. It can also be in the form of recognition and position. You know that if you work hard enough, you can be put in a higher position and will start earning the kind of money you always wanted. That is the motivation that gets you through the day.

With the competition that is happening in companies worldwide, it is not that easy anymore to get people motivated. Companies are continuously increasing the compensation and rewards that they offer to keep up with what others are doing.

Most of the time employees are not enticed by these rewards anymore. This is because they know that they can have them with any other company. This is the downside of extrinsic motivation. You can never tell how far are you willing to offer for people to stay motivated.

Whatever kind of motivation it is, the main purpose is to reach for the goal you have set for yourself. It does not matter if you are using Apter motivation or not. What matters is for you to turn out successful.

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